Monday, November 2, 2009

A-Thrifting We Will Go

I have been pretty successful in the last few months in curbing my comsumerism, but I know that I will never be able to just cut it off. I will continue to buy new running shoes and underwear, period. Some things are just too icky to imagine.

While crawling through one of the local thrift sotres, I found something that was meant just for me. I always look at the fabric orphans and often find some great vintage items, but boy did I hit the motherlode this time.
The bag looked like a hodge podge of homely old fabrics, some sewn together. I figured it was part of a quilt top, but since you can't open the bags to get a better look, I went on instinct and just bought the bag for $5.98.

Here is what I found:
2 vintage quilt tops
pieced backings for same
material for the binding
some creepy yellow spandex junk
a sizeable piece of green velvet

Since I have a longarm quilting machine, I will easily turn those tops into real quilts. The velvet will go to someone who likes to do crazy quilts (not me). And that spandex stuff will go back in my next donation bag to the thrift store! No waste and a couple of happy quilters.
I still have not figured out the picture situation. Will have to consult my resident computer guru and husband later.