Friday, June 18, 2010

The Surprise Garden

I asked my sweetie to dig a garden for me this year since I had not turned over the soil in several years. Instead, he put in two raised beds, 4' x 16'. He even had topsoil delivered. It turned out to be about as much work as digging up the garden, but much better looking.

I put in lots of tomatoes, onions, zucchini, eggplant and peppers. Lots.

We usual don't see our first ripe tomato until July 4th or so, but we have one already.

OK, so it is the size of a ping pong ball and squishy on the back side, but it is RED. There are hundreds more that are larger. I can just se myself elbow deep canning in a few weeks.

I missed a zucchini yesterday when I picked the others.............

This one is about the size of my forearm.

The onions are ready to pull up and dry and the japanese eggplant is producing.

We planted the fig trees about 5 years ago. Can't wait to make jam again this year.
Buster and Rupert (my granddog) helped me yesterday. We had fun in the garden. Buster was exhausted today.

It is hard to get a picture of a moving target.


Kath said...

Ah, all my favourite veggies! I know what you mean about helping. I only have to start looking at a patch of soil and Roobarb helpfully digs a hole there :>
Lovely photos of Buster and Rupert, do your family refer to you as Granma when talking to the
grand-dog, or is it just us who do that? :D

Lindy said...

Yes, they do say Grandma. It looks like the only "grands" I will have will be furry! Buster prefers chewing on the edge of the carpet to digging holes. Puppies! I can't wait to get another one so Buster will have a "sibling".

Patty said...

Rupert is a cutie pie! Your post made me hungry. Bob's begun sending
veggies out to friends as the zucchini is outdoing itself this year. Canning is only a few weeks away.

Envy your red tomato!

Serena's Secret Gardens said...

Hi Lindy like your blog great pics and your dogs are very cute. thanks for visiting my blog too!Keep up the good work!