Thursday, October 14, 2010

Like Minded People

Way back at the end of September My Sweetie and I attended the Mother Earth News Fair, a sustainable living extravaganza held at the Seven Springs Resort in Pennsylvania. I had skiied there years ago, but had never seen it without snow. It was a great choice for the fair.
We went up a day early to volunteer for Mother Earth News to help with the set-up and a sneak preview of the events for the weekend. I had the most interesting job of cutting strings and tying knots in the end for volunteer and vendor badges. Hundreds of them. This got me a pass for the two day fair. Well worth the effort.
Later in the day, we went to see Fallingwater, one of Frank Lloyd Wright's best residential designs. It was wonderful. So timelessly modern and filled with fabulous art. I would show you the pictures that we took of the house and each other there, but the guide said that all images of the property belong to the foundation and we would be shot or something if we published them anywhere (even on a blog). So you will just have to believe that we were there. Better yet, you go and see for yourself.
The Mother Earth News Fair was wonderful. There were about a dozen different seminars every hour on everything from raising chickens and garden cover crops to solar heating and organic gardening. I wished there had been three of me so I could see everything that interested me every hour.
I found this chicken tractor that was so well designed and attractive. Too bad it was sooo expensive and too big to bring home in the truck. I guess we will just have to build our own.
We took a break from the crowd and rode the ski lift up to the top of the mountain to get a better view. It was a lovely day. This was just the outdoor exhibitors. There were hundreds more inside. Isn't it amazing what can happen when like-minded people get together?
That night we returned to the campground for dinner and to see the medieval reinactment folks who were also staying on the same property. It was so much fun talking to them. I thought they would all be like Dungeons and Dragons dweebs, but it turns out that they were artists, social workers and other professionals. We even met an astrophysicist. Turns out that they are a really interesting bunch who know how to have fun.
I am so glad we bought a camper. We are going places we would never have gone otherwise.


Janean said...

a chicken tractor? never heard of such thing.... anyway, looks like it was fun and inspiring!

Lindy said...

Thanks for stopping by Janean. A chicken tractor is a chicken coop and run all attached and on wheels like a wheel barrow so you can move it around the yard and the chickens can have a new place to scratch without making a mudhole out of one part of the yard. Just google "chicken tractor" and you will come up with lots of plans. Really cool idea.

Brandy said...

Thanks so much for volunteering at the Fair! We really appreciate all the work our wonderful volunteers did over the weekend. Couldn't have done it without you!


Kath said...

Sounds like a wonderful event and very educational as well as great fun!

Lindy said...

It was so much fun. We are already excited about next year's Fair. We will know how to plan and get even more out of the seminars.

Patty said...

Sounds like a fun time!

Jo said...

You went to Fallingwater? Omigosh! And yes, you can publish the pictures on your blog. There are pictures all over the Internet of Fallingwater. I would love to see them. Puleeeeeeze???? :-)

Jo said...

Here's a blogger who posted a lot of pictures of Fallingwater, and she's still alive. *heh*

Lindy said...

I looked at those pictures, Jo and they are much like the ones we took. We could ask for permission to post, but it really seems like a lot just for the same old pics except that there is a middle-aged woman in the middle of some of them!