Monday, October 19, 2009

Sweat and Pillowcases

Just in case you are thinking that this is going to be an adult rated post, I assure that is rated for the entire family.

As Halloween approaches, I can just feel my little step-grands winding up for the candy grabathon. J is nine and A is 3+. They are about as excitable a pair of little boys as you have ever met and just as cute. (No prejudice here). Since we are in Virginia and they are in Indiana, we rarely see them. I'm not really sure that they understand that I am married to their grandfather and how that all works. Anyway, I took on the project of sending them pillowcases for the major holidays. I figure that if they associate my name with something fun, that we will have some kind of positive relationship eventually. I had intended to get all the holidays covered in one year, but some of them slipped past me. The road to hell is filled with unmade pillowcases, apparently.

Unlike the 4th of July (the flag and fireworks fabric is still lounging in my sewing room) the Halloween fabric is now real pillowcases that are ready for the post office today and just in time to help with the wind-em-up for the sugar overdose on the 31st.

The sweat part of this post is completely unrelated to the pillowcases except that it happened this weekend, too.

For the first 56 years of my life, I believed that I would only sweat if the air conditioning went on the fritz. I can truly say that I have not had the pleasure of having water run out of my hair except in the shower. I have never been exactly what you might describe as an athlete. I was the kid who was picked last for the kickball team and would not have been picked at all if the other girls had a choice.

I started feeling really stiff and having lots of pain in my joints. I thought I might have some sort of arthritis or some other old people disease, but I just wasn't content to let it get any worse.

I read in the local recreation center publication that they were having a boot camp type exercise program outdoors in our new City Center. Sounded interesting, right? NO?? I signed up in April and put on my tennies.

Anyway, I figured I would either get in shape or go out in a flame. The flame looked really promising for the first ten weeks. Than I started actually getting better at the exercises and could run more than a half a block.

Never one for half measures, I entered a 5k run sponsored by the local shipyard for employees and family members this weekend. My daughter (the employee) and her husband also ran. It felt so good to be there with them.

Oh yeah, I am still not an athlete, but I finished the run with a time of 31 minutes 10 seconds. Not bad for an old gal. This gives me (limited) bragging rights. Everyone who finished recieved a medal, and here is mine!

If anyone is reading this and knows how to get those blasted pictures to go anywhere but at the top of the post, would you PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!! Thank you.

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Mary, trying harder in OK said...

To get your photos in a different location, you have to go to the HTML tab in edit mode. Higlight the code for the photo, right click, choose cut from the drop down menu, then click on the end of the sentence where you want the photo to be place, right click and choose paste. The photo should be relocated.