Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Year

Those New Years just keep coming around faster every time. I guess that is just the way it is as we get older. I have drifted with the current the last few years and let things take their own course. Not so this New Year. I wrestled Terry down on Saturday to take a look at our futures together. Health, money, careers and a lot more. We weren't as far apart on our goals as I had feared. He would like to see me more organized and I would like him to take his health more seriously. We have pledged to help each other and make a difference in 2010.
I would like to move further down that road to making life simpler, more home centered and he just doesn't get it, but we will figure it all out.
It will be interesting to take stock again next year and see just what progress we have made.
I wish you a peaceful, simple and healthy New Year.

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Katidids said...

Great post, we've been having these same convesations, the kids are grown and gone s...what now! My Dad used to say the older you get the faster time goes by...boy was he corect!